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Dear Sir is an award-winning YouTube educational platform based in India which provides valuable and simplified learning assistance to students in various subjects of their choice. We are renowned for providing top notch educational assistance to aspirant learners with the expertise of the best faculties who are subject specialists in their respective fields. Their versatility, simplicity of explanation and knowledge in handling multiple topics effortlessly makes learning enjoyable and lets students grasp and learn their courses with ease and understanding.

Our teaching style is focused on encouraging exploration of concepts by the students themselves unlike other e-learning platforms which made us the proud achievers of 250 Million + views on Youtube.Another noteworthy achievement is that we have received 1 billion 270 million watchtime minutes which is about 2445 years of watchtime. We have a commendable mass of 5 Million gratified student subscribers who find our video courses exceptionally reliable, especially during examinations.We are also India's first educational channel to achieve 1 million subscribers in 94 videos, 2 million in 126 videos, 3 million in 150 videos, 4 million in 180 videos and 5 million in 200 videos.Apart from providing high quality courses on various subjects, we also provide essential learning tips and hacks to assist students in their day to day learning and also to fully equip them to crack their examinations.

Join us today and we shall transform you into a guru in your most difficult subject !

Our beautiful journey started with an unwavering vision to provide quality educational assistance to aspirant learners who need learning guidance and support but cannot afford to pay the high coaching fees associated with it. We have now earned an unrivaled reputation as the best name in the field of academics. We strive to extend our support to as many students as possible pan India so that we can proudly serve our country. We received loads of love and recognition from plenty of enthusiastic learners which was the driving force behind the launch of our first project on Youtube. It's our immense pleasure to take this opportunity to also inform you that we are planning to take a second step in this journey by converting learning into a simplified and enjoyable activity with the help of our qualified educators who shall be available on both our website and application. We have been successful in imparting an idea that teaching need not be difficult, boring and monotonous, rather it can be easy, enjoyable and fun. This made us the proud achievers of 5 Million subscribers in just 200 videos which is a record in the country! We mean what we say and that's perfectly portrayed in our tagline " study pohchegi har ghar, kyoki study matlab Dear sir"!!!

We received loads of love and recognition from plenty of enthusiastic learners which was the driving force behind the launch of our first project on Youtube.

Our focus is on providing educational assistance to students pan India so that we can bring a huge difference in the lives of people and serve our country better.

We strive to provide quality learning assistance to students who need support with their academic subjects but are not in a position to afford the coaching fees.

Why Choose Us

Let's dive deep and explore the factors that makes us distinct from other e-learning platforms in the country-

In-depth Analysis Of The Subjects

We analyse your academic subjects in depth to present you with all the concepts in a simple and easy to understand language that makes learning an enjoyable affair.

Expertise of Highly Trained Faculties

We have the expertise of the best and highly trained faculties who are subject specialists in their respective fields.

Tests And Quizzes To Track Knowledge And Growth

We have periodic tests and quizzes designed to analyse your level of understanding different concepts and to assist you in your learning journey.

E-study Materials With Every Course

We provide comprehensive e learning materials with every course that adds up to your convenience and also promotes learning on the go.

All Courses At One Place And In Your Native Language

You have the option to view all your courses at one place and also in your native language which facilitates simple and hassle free learning.

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