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Magnet Brains has started a completely free online education platform. Our target is CBSE students from classes 4th to 12th.  Upon analysis, we come to know that students in India face? three? major problems. Presented below are the problems and our unique solutions for them: 
1. Lack of good quality teachers: There is an evident crisis in the availability of good teachers. This directly affects the future of the children. 
Here at Magnet Brains, we have made a great team with high-quality teachers. Qualifications of our teachers are as follows: 

(a) Math classes by 5 times GATE qualified faculty member  
(b) Physics by 3 times GATE qualified faculty member 
(c) Geography by 3 years experienced teacher 
(d) Science by former FIITJEE teacher 
(e) Chemistry by 5 years experienced faculty member  
2. Lack of funds: Indian students are very intelligent and have high IQs so they have lots of potential in them but due to lack of funds this potential of the students is not realized. Magnet Brains online education platform provides everything ?free of cost including online video lectures and notes, so the students do not have to spend a rupee.

Thus empowered with the education they can realize their potential and contribute massively to the country’s growth. 

3. Commuting problems: Children have to commute to faraway cities or villages to study since locally they do not have good educational facilities. Many students eventually drop-out from school due to this and their education remains unfinished. Since Magnet Brains provides a digital education platform, we strike at the root of the problem as the internet is free of physical boundaries and limitations, thus enabling the students to study from the comfort of their homes.

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