Short Course - Learn Python Programming

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Short Course-Learn Python Programming

Course Description

Do you dream of being a software engineer? Do you know that Python programming is empowering the global job market? Python coding can be used in general-purpose as the Python programming can be used in different fields like

1. Data Science

2. Web Development

3. Scientific and Mathematical Computing

4. Finance and Trading

5. Basic Game Development and so on

So it will open a large opportunity in front of you. Even the demand for a Data Scientist is growing rapidly and it is the second-highest-paid computer language.


So your salary will also be high. Yet it is easy to learn the Python language and we have an opening for a course of learning Python Programming. So if you want to grab this opportunity please enroll in your course.


Course Includes

1. There will be 14 online video classes

2. We have launched our mobile application so you can log in there in your free time and watch our online video lessons.


What You Will Learn

1. A brief introduction to the course and Python language

2. The process to set up the environment for Python Learning

3. The Hello World program in Python

4. The basic concepts behind the Python learning

5. The variables and Data Types in Python. The process of the conversion of the Data Type in Python.

6. Various types of Data Types in Python like Strong, List, and Tuples

7. Various types of Operator in Python and About the Arithmetic Operators in Python.


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