Class 1st Maths in Hindi

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Class 1st Maths in Hindi

Dear Sir usually provide online classes for class 10. It’s very good news that we have also started providing online classes for class 1 also. Kids are so impatient and love to watch videos. So we have arranged an interesting set of classes to teach them maths with fun. Calculations are a very simple yet complicated matter. We know that kids need extra attention to understand something. Our teaching faculty have tried their simplest way to make it simple for kids. All sorts of interesting methods of teaching, study materials, worksheets, terminal tests help kids to learn with fun.


We follow the basic CBSE syllabus in Hindi to make the subject reachable to the little ones. Our online classes course is so affordable that we can reach as many kids as possible. So, don’t wait too long, register your kids today, and enjoy our modern technics for learning maths.


Course Includes

Our course has included all the basic essential chapters. We understand child psychology, so according to that we teach slowly in detail and give time to the children to practice for perfection. We provide simple language Hindi high-quality videos, picture-based sums, worksheets, to give clear ideas and help to teach them every factor properly.


What will they learn?

They will learn all the basic standard 1 lessons in 116 classes including finding out differences, counting, and spellings of numbers, sequencing, place value of numbers, algorithm, simple addition with pictures, and many more. Repetition of chapters, the slow teaching process helps all types of children in learning very well.


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