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10th Maths by Magnet Brains

Welcome to Magnet Brains online maths classes. Here we'll teach you how to solve mathematical problems in simple and easy methods. There are many institutions that teach you mathematics but we focus on making mathematics easier for you.


For this, we'll explain several concepts with real-life understandings and will teach you how you can sort them out using mathematical formulas. We make mathematics more interesting and show you the bright sides of this wonderful subject. Our primary focus is to make you understand and like the maths concepts. We don't put so much emphasis on the examination point-of-view teaching. And that is where we differ from the other training personnel.


Our online mathematics lessons are lively, interactive, concept-oriented (not exam-oriented); you'll find our way of teaching much more interesting than the regular training that you see in schools or in any online/ offline platform.


The course includes

This course includes the following.

1. Power-packed interactive video lessons

2. Ebooks on mathematics

3. Premium high-quality notes

4. Study Materials

5. Notes of famous lecturers with detailed explanations

6. Minute detailing of each and every mathematical concept

7. Unlimited worksheets to practice

8. Previous year's board examination question papers

9. Important problems with stepwise solutions


What will you learn?

1. How to solve a mathematical problem in the easiest methods ever.

2. Deep understanding of the 10th standard mathematical concepts.

3. Easy tricks to remember mathematical formulas.


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