Class 10th Geography - Video Tutorials In Hindi

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Class 10th Geography- Video tutorials in Hindi

Course Description

Online tutorial classes in Hindi is a fantastic idea to help students to understand individual subjects clearly. Simple language, additional study materials, and wonderful teaching processes are the key factors of these classes.


Geography is the subject of practical and theory classes. Dear Sir, one of the most popular online learning sites has arranged a set of online classes in Hindi for all over pan India.


Reasonable session charge and excellently appropriate learning method is been used over the years. We have got remarkable feedback for arranging these Hindi tutorial online classes.


CBSE syllabus with NCERT solutions is our main way to teach. We have chosen the CBSE syllabus as it is been accepted all over India.


Students need to register their names for availing of the classes. Total 148 classes we provide including practical and theory classes. Students get all sorts of help regarding the subjects of our respected teachers.

Course Included

The course included all the CBSE syllabus with NCERT Solutions. Question-answers, high-quality videos and audio clips, discussion sessions, and a set of mock tests help students to get properly prepared for exams.


We have chosen the language Hindi to help all types of students to understand each chapter, each part very clearly.


What will they learn?

Students need to register their names for availing of the course. This is the safest and easiest process to get the best online lesson. A total of 148 classes for geography is provided to explain all the chapters in detail.


Physical and Economical Indian geography along with diagrams, toposheet, and other required practical documents are also provided. Teachers also help in mapping and other practical drawings.


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