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Class 10th History- video tutorials in Hindi 

Course Description

Online tutorials are very famous now. It’s one of the easiest processes to learn at home without investing time in traveling in tutorials. Students just need to log in or register their names with a very minimal charge and then can get the best teaching faculty to be exam ready.


Dear Sir is one of the best online learning sites in India. We have arranged a set of online classes for most of the difficult scoring subjects including maths, physics, chemistry, Geography, and History. We all know that History is a vase subject. It requires a good set of notes to score good marks in board exams.


We follow the CBSE syllabus with NCERT solution Hindi. The CBSE syllabus is accepted all over India, so students fr4om any zone easily avails of our services. Simple language explanations, detailed discussions, and expert suggestions help students to pass exams with flying colors.


Course includes

A total of 125 classes covers the entire syllabus in detail. Indian and foreign history both are to be taught here. A set of good study materials, researches and proves tries to learn difficultly questions; all types of issues are being solved over the years by our respected teachers. 

What will they learn?

Our efficient teachers are there to help all types of good and mediocre students. Their excellent style of teaching makes the subjects interesting. They try their best to prepare students for exams.

They have years of experience in teaching, so they are very known to the pattern of questions and appropriate answers.



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