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Class 10th Civics- video tutorials in Hindi

Course Description

Civics is a very important subject in class 10th. The value of the subject is in long run. It helps to learn about the internal condition and rules of a country.


Dear Sir has introduced a set of online classes to teach students about the subject in detail. We basically follow the CBSE syllabus with NCERT solutions, which is most popular in all over the world.


Our language of teaching is Hindi so that students from any part of the country can understand and learn our teaching.


 The process of joining is very simple. Students need to register their names with a minimal charge and can easily get all the updates of the classes including study materials and live classes as well. 


Students who are interested in joining online classes can contact us on our official site. We are always active to provide a possible response to our students. We have a bunch of successful students who have already joined us and scored good marks in board exams.


Course includes

Our course includes the entire class 10th CBSE syllabus with proper study materials where students can get all types of short MCQ and long questions.


The high-quality videos help students to understand every chapter in detail with the required information. Regular monitoring with mock tests, previous year board questions discussions, and valuable suggestions are the strong pillars of our teaching process. 



What will they learn?

Our teachers require a total of 79 classes to cover the full syllabus including revision, special discussion classes on specific topics. Democracy, history, and movements of political parties, economical growth, challenges everything explained in detail to help the students understand and learn easily. Teachers also share researches and diagrams in support of given information. 


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