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Class 10th Biology- video tutorial in Hindi

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Biology, one of the most interesting subjects of all time. Theory and practical both are very important to learn the subject and of score good in board exams as well.


Though the subject is interesting many students find it very difficult in scoring. Dear Sir is here to solve their problems. This online teaching site is very popular among the students in providing one of the best learning processes at an affordable price.


Our experience has gained a bunch of successful students who got excellent marks on all exams. Their valuable feedback helps us to start providing teaching all the important subjects in life’s first board exam.


The process of joining us is very simple. Children need to register their names on the site by paying minimal fees. Effective study materials, regular monitoring, discussions of previous year questions, and suggestions for upcoming exams are the strong pillars to make pour students exam ready.




Course  includes


Our course includes 14 classes to cover all the chapter5s including theory and practical classes. We know that detailed discussions are very much required to learn or understand any subject properly.


Our experienced teaching faculty just do the same to solve all the problems of every type of student.




What will they learn?


We have a great team of teachers. They have years of experience in teaching board students. They teach the perfect style of writing answers to score better.


Theory and practical study materials, high-quality videos, set of question-answers, detailed explanations are provided. A total of only 14 classes are enough to have the details fo every chapter of CBSE class 10th syllabus.


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