Mensuration Concept & Tricks

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Mensuration Concept & Tricks

Course Description

Mensuration is a very important topic and especially that time when it comes to the Geometry of the Universe. Do you get scared of Mathematics? Do you want to score well and have a good rank in competitive examinations of government services?


If so then you need to learn Mathematics well. You can not memorize Mathematics. The only solution to it is to understand the concept well. Mensuration is one of the most important chapters of Quantitative Aptitudes.


Course Includes

1     You will be given 3 online video classes

2     We have launched our mobile application where you can log in to any time you want to watch our online video classes.

3     Flexible class timings

4     Webinars

5     One-on-one special classes

6     Group discussions

7     Practical and theory classes

8     Study and practice on the go while traveling

9     One-touch access to mobile student's dashboard

10     eBooks, study materials, online lessons, and notes.


What You Will Learn

1. The concept of Mensuration

2. The formulas of Mensuration

3. The short tricks to solve the big mathematical questions on Mensuration. 


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