Time Speed and Distance Short Tricks

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Time Speed and Distance Short Tricks

Course Description

Do you want to grab a Government job? It is very difficult in recent times to score well and have a good rank in competitive examinations of government services in India.


If you want to score well then you need to score well in Quantitative Aptitude too. So for that, you need to learn Mathematics well. "Time, Speed and Distance" is one of the most important chapters of Quantitative Aptitude.


We are giving you the opportunity to learn the short tricks to calculate the big mathematical solutions. If you learn all the short tricks then you need less time for calculations and your time will be saved in exams.


So, please enroll in your course of "Time Speed and Distance Short Tricks".

Course Includes

1     You will have 3 online video classes

2     We have launched our mobile application where you can log in to any time you want to watch our online video classes on "Time Speed and Distance Short Tricks".

What You Will Learn

1     The formulas of Distance

2     The concept of Time, Speed and Distance

3     The solutions of the mathematical problems on Time, Speed and Distance

4     The short tricks to solve the mathematical problems of Time, Speed, and Distance


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