Class 10th Physics - Video Tutorial In Hindi

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Class 10th Physics- Video Tutorial in Hindi

Yes, students can get Physics tuition from a very well-known online training site Dear Sir. We provide all the facilities to prepare the students for their board exam. We know that many students get scared of the subject of Physics. So we are here to help all the students to learn this tough subject in the easiest way. Our learners get all sorts of facilities from us to perform well in board exams. CBSE syllabus with NCERT solutions helps students a lot to overcome their drawbacks. Our teaching materials help to score high to make the entry easier in school and colleges.


Our teaching staff has over the year experience in teaching. They not only experts in explaining but also help the slow learners individually to overcome their difficulties very well. Students just need to register their names for classes and the rest information we provide through classes. 

Course includes 

Our CBSE syllabus based class 10th Physics class is provided in Hindi to make the subject easier to understand. We provide 129 online classes to discuss all the chapters in detail with study materials. Separate question-answer sessions, detailed discussion on every chapter, high-quality video and audio presentation help the students a lot to understand every matter thoroughly.

What will you learn?

The only motto is to provide the best service to the future of our country.  So we keep us always ready to provide the best teaching methods to score better. Theory class notes and practical experimental videos of all the 129 chapters brief excellently to learn easily.


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