JavaScript Basics for Beginners

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JavaScript Basics for Beginners

Course Description

Do you want to be a successful developer? If yes then you should learn the language JavaScript as it is one of the most popular programming languages all over the world.


So the demand for coders who are efficient in the language JavaScript is growing rapidly and their salaries are also high. There are lots of advantages of JavaScript.


JavaScript is already in your browser as it is the de facto language of the web. You can also create visual effects through JavaScript. So if you want to learn this language then, please enroll in our course of "The JavaScript Basics for Beginners".


Course Include

1. You will be having 22 online video classes

2. We have launched our mobile application through which you can log in to any time you want and go through the online video lessons of JavaScript.


What You Will Learn

1. A brief introduction to the course

2. The definition, advantages, and limitations of JavaScript

3. The Standard of JavaScript

4. The Data Types in JavaScript

5. About the function of isNaN in JavaScript

6. The JavaScript is case sensitive or not

7. The process to create an object in JavaScript

8. The comparison between Java and JavaScript

9. The concept of Array and the process to check an Array in JavaScript

10. About the Named Functions, Arrow Function, Self-Invoking and Anonymous Function in JavaScript

11. The concept behind if the Functions are Object in the JavaScript or not

12. About the Arguments Object in JavaScript

13. The definition of Closure in JavaScript


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