Object-Oriented Programming Language and Systems

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Object-Oriented Programming Language and Systems

Course Description

Do you want to be a successful software developer? If yes then you should understand the OOPS concept. As the OOPS concept has a lot of advantages. 

It provides a clear modular structure for programs. You need this concept to define abstract data types. You can hide the implemented details from other modules and the other modules also have a clearly defined interface. 

So it is very important for a coder to know and implement this concept behind his coding. To know the OOPS concept better you can enroll in our course of "Object-Oriented Programming Language and Systems". 


Course Includes

1. You will be getting 9 online video classes

2. Our trainer will give you tips to score better in the examination

3. We have launched our mobile application where you can log in to anytime and go through all the lessons repeatedly. 


What You Will Learn

1. The definition and concept of the OOPS with an adequate introduction

2. The concept of Object-Oriented Programming and its nature

3. The definition of "Objects" and "Classes"

4. The concept of Message and Interface in OOPS

5. The definition of "Abstraction"

6. The concept of Information Hiding with the concept of "Encapsulation"

7. The definition and concept of "Inheritance"

8. The definition and concept of "Polymorphism" 


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