Basics of Software Engineering

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Basics of Software Engineering

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Is it your dream to be a software engineer? If yes then it is positive news for you that we are providing a new course on the basics of software engineering. To grow your career in the IT sector is a very good decision because the rate of the salary of a software engineer is very high.


Yet you can work anywhere in the world you want. As the necessity of this job is growing rapidly across the world. But you have to be ready to learn in a constant way because it is a dynamic profession that you have chosen. If you are a creative person then you can use your talent in that area.


Course Includes

1. You will be getting 21 online video classes to know more about Software Engineering. 

2. You will be provided with the Objective Questions and Syllabus related to Software Engineering.

3. Out trainer will guide you with the tips to qualify the examination of Software Engineering in the most efficient manner.

4. We have launched our mobile application so you can log in anytime in your account to watch our video lessons of "Basics of Software Engineering".


On course completion, you will be able to

1. Explain the definition of Software Engineering with an appropriate introduction of it

2. Explain Software Development and SDLC

3. Explain the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

4. Explain the Quality of a software

5. The role of Metrics and Measurement in Software Engineering

6. Explain the Requirement Analysis and Specification

7. Understand how to plan a Software Project

8. Explain the Architecture of a Software

9. Explain the Design of a Software and its implementation

10. Explain the Software Testing


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