Class 10th Political Science Democratic Politics II

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Class 10th Political Science Democratic Politics II

Course description:

Online courses are very popular these days. Students are getting a lot of help from these online learning sites. It not only saves time to go out and invest more time but also it makes students flexible to learn digitally. Political science is a very interesting subject. The course is so appropriate that it makes the students expert for any competition. This special course is based on the CBSE course curriculum. 8 classes are provided to complete the full syllabus. The interaction sessions provide chances to ask their queries and share their thoughts with our teaching faculty.       


We all know that class 10th board marks are so important to proceed with a specific subject. Our teaching faculty has over the years of experience in teaching. We used to take mock tests to prepare our students properly for exams. The registered and login system makes the learning system strong and reliable.


The course includes:

Our first and foremost target is to prepare the students for board exams. The course includes the CBSE full democratic Politics syllabus. 8 classes will discuss 8 chapters in detail. Along with study material teachers use PowerPoint Presentation, video, and audio presentation to teach properly. Question answers also discussed in detail. It helps students to learn comfortably without complications.


What will you learn?

Students will learn the full syllabus in Hindi and English differently.

The chapters cover the following:

1. Power-sharing

2. Federalism

3. Democracy and diversity

4. Gender Religion and Cast

5. Popular struggles and Movements

6. Political Parties

7. Outcomes of Democracy

8. Challenges to Democracy

9. Our teachers try their best to provide all sorts of help to perform best. 


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