Class 11th Political Science : Political Theory

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Class 11th Political Science: Political Theory

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Political science is the base of the judicial system. It not only helps us to understand the vase judicial system but also helps us to learn about the fine details of law as well. Political science is the first step to open several doors for higher studies. Students who want to become lawyers want to do a Ph.D. in political theory, they should select this subject. Many think that it’s a very tough and boring subject, Dear sir is here to help the students. Our course is presenting the simplest learning method of political theory. Our online service is very smooth and easy to access so that we can reach many students to help them in learning.

Our teaching faculty with there over year’s experiences make their students’ exam ready to perform excellently in every assessment. This course will open several options for higher studies.

Course includes

The course takes 10 classes to cover all the chapters. All the students get details with videos, PDF, and PowerPoint presentations so that they can get the proper help to understand every detail of the subject. Students need to register or login to join our classes. Teachers prepare the students not only for exams ready but for different diabetes, quizzes, and assessments all over the years.

What will you learn?

Our teachers cover every chapter thoroughly to make the students understand. The online course includes an overall 10 chapters. No matter the boards of different states, the syllabus includes all the basic chapters including freedom, equality, social justice, rights, citizenship, nationalism, secularism, peace, development. 


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