Class 11th Political Science : Indian Constitution at Work

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Class 11 political science: Indian constitution at work

We warmly welcome you to our online classes. Political science is a subject that students of the art stream learn. It is something new for some of the students whereas old for the others but is difficult for everyone in its own way. I am here to teach you this subject in the most interesting and easy way possible and will help you to earn the best score in your examination.

I will also make sure that you do not get bored or lose interest in between for which I have tried to make the classes fun learning.


The course includes

The online course includes

1     Interactive videos that will help you to learn easily

2     Tricks and tips to learn and answer in a great way

3     Videos will be available 24/7 so there are no time boundaries

4     Ebooks

5     Mock tests

6     Quiz sessions

7     Doubt clearing session

8     Solved papers of the previous year exams.


What will you learn

In this course you will learn from me the following things

1     About the constitution

2     About the rights of the constitution

3     About the election and representation

4     About the executive

5     Also, you will learn about the judiciary, legislature, federalism, and the local government

 6     The philosophy of the Indian constitution


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