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Class 10 mathematics

We warmly welcome you to our online course classes. I know how much most of you hate maths but that is why I am here. I will make you fall in love with maths as I will teach you tricks and easy ways to learn the long formulas that will help you to reach the correct answer in a very short time. I will teach you mathematics and will help you to solve all the problems of mathematics in the easiest way and will help you to score excellently in your examination. Join me and enroll with me to make your maths classes interesting and easier than ever.


The course includes

In this course, you will be receiving

1     All the online course study materials

2     Interactive videos will be available 24/7 which means you have no time boundaries

3     Ebooks

4     Important concepts and theorems

5     Solved papers and previous year papers

6     Mock test

7     Doubt clearing sessions


What will you learn? 

In this course, you will be learning

1     Full chapter of the triangle

2     Full concept of circle

3     Pythagoras theorem

4     Tricks on mensuration maths part 1 and part 2

5     Tricks on probability

6     Short tricks to learn Thales theorem

7     Quadratic equation tricks.


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