Web Designing for Beginners

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Web Designing Course for Beginners

What is Web Designing?

Web design refers to designing websites that are on the Internet. Web design requires many different types of skills and disciplines for the development and maintenance of a website. Web designing is quite important for a website because the audience's perception of a brand depends on the design of their website.


Web Designing is a quite popular and one of the best career options nowadays. It is expected that the web designing field will grow by 27% by 2024. Those who have knowledge of multiple programming languages and digital tools will get the best opportunities for obtaining the best job security. Web designers earn an average amount ranging from 1.5 lakh to 6.5 lakhs per annum.


Are you interested to build a dynamic career in Web Designing? If yes, then contact us and we will provide you the Beginners course for Web Designing.


Course Includes

This is an online course where we will be giving some facilities to you including,

(i) There are 49 videos in this course about many different topics to give you depth about web designing.

(ii) All the videos are available all the time on our web site. You can watch them whenever you have free time.


What will you learn?

1     Basics of web designing.

2     Fundamentals about Developer.

3     Many things about HTML, CSS and Javascript.

4     Detailed knowledge about HTML.

5     A detailed knowledge about CSS including its properties, CSS box model, CSS image gallery, etc.

6     Doing many works about web designing using HTML and Javascript.


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