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Course description:

Welcome to the world of Python Programming for the beginner. Do you know that the most Software Developer position jobs available nowadays are in the field of Software development? The answer is Python programming. Not only in this century, in the programming world Python is one of the most dependent languages from the very start. Starting from app development to embedded systems.

Software Development is one of the major sectors, having a huge amount of placement opportunities. Along with software development, Python programming has a major role in game development.

So here I have designed this course according to the market need which will help to land a job very easily. My course curriculum includes all of the topics in the most described yet easy manner that will be very easy and simple to understand for my students.

The course topic that I will cover is described below. In this course,  the topic covers the basic as well as the advanced Python topics. This course of mine will give a brief knowledge to the students who are thinking of learning Python from the early stage.


Course Includes:

My course in  Python programming for beginners includes 33 video classes. And some more advanced and basic Python Programming concepts will be there in my video courses. So stay tuned and enroll in my course. My video course includes topics like-

1     Introduction to Python 

2     Installation of python

3     PyDev  IDE for python

4     How to execute Python program on vs code

5     How to execute Python program on PyCharm

6     Execution of Python program on Jupiter notebook and spyder

7     Variables in Python and syntax along with an example

8     Datatype

9     Tuples in Python


Along with  these basic topics of  python, I will teach advanced topic  of Python programming like

1      Operator module

2      For  loop

3      While loop, while else, pass statement

4      Sets in Python

5      Dictionary in Python

6      Data types used in Python list, set, pupils,  dictionary, string

And more other videos with detailed concepts of Python programming will make you the master of  Python programming.

 Along with this  Mobile app accessibility,  Full-time access  Quiz & Test eBooks will be provided. There are no limitations of timings as you can log in to your account anytime you want and work on the real-time servers


Learning Outcomes:

Based on the topics that I will be teaching in the videos, my students will learn Python Programming. All of the courses are designed in a manner that will cover all of the essential details that are needed to be an expert  Python programming Developer.

So it is advised to my students to watch the videos with all of their attention. And yes do not forget to give practice practically because coding can be learned when you get your hand dirty with  Python programming code. And I can give you the assurance that you will be able to develop new web projects after learning from my videos.


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