Adobe Illustrator From Beginner to Expert

15 Live Classes

Product Description

• What Will You Get?
• Eye-catching mixing of image and text
• Creating 3D looking images
• Sketching with hands and vectorizing
• Adjusting colors and gradients swiftly for the right sort of blending
• Creating Animated GIF

• Who are your target students?

Answer. This course is for the students who want to make a career as a video game Artist, or TV commercial studios, and Freelancer Print and media studios. also, use for movies poster Graphics and. Animator or many more.

Laptop or PC with Adobe Illustrator installed

Course Description

This course will graft you into a stunning Graphics Designer proficient in Adobe illustrator, the most renowned graphics design solution used worldwide. You will learn inch by inch the various functionalities being offered by Adobe illustrator. You will learn how to create masterpieces in the graphics world which are otherwise not possible with paint and brush.

• Digital Illustrations 
• At the end of this course, the student will be able to
• Differentiate between Vector and Raster images 
• Utilize Illustrator workspace 
• Navigate around an Illustrator file and save it
• Create a logo for a company 
• Identify the Key Points of a Visiting Card 
• Identify Different Types of Visiting Cards 
• Create a Visiting Card with a Gradient Background 
• Create a Letterhead with a Watermark
• Create an Envelope with Decorative Corners 
• Differentiate between the types of labels in the packaging industry
• Create a bottle outline using the Pen tool 
• Create a packaging label • Create a 3D bottle using 3D revolve 
• Apply a label to a bottle using Map Art 
• Differentiate between different types of dimensions 
• Differentiate between different types of folds
• Create a brochure using the Type tool 
• Create a print hoarding 
• Utilize Illustrator effects on text and images 

Q. What Will students learn in your Course?
Ans. Students will Learn very Easily and Intuitively Create Stunning Illustrations and Graphics. Our courses can prepare you for a wide range of careers, from video game design to marketing. Whether you want to learn a new design software like Affinity Designer, improve your drawing skills, or start your own design business.

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