Basics of Computer Networks

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Basics of computer network

We warmly welcome you to our online courses. Whenever a computer is connected to one or more computers to get certain information or for some kind of process then it is called computer networking.

I am here to tell you everything about computer networking and all the basics of it and things related to it.

I will teach you and guide you throughout and make you gain knowledge about the basics of computers.


The course includes

In this course, you will be receiving

1     Ebooks

2     Videos that will be available 24/7 so there is no time boundary

3     Notes

4     Important questions will be given

5     Mock tests

6     Live sessions

7     Doubt clearing sessions


What will you learn?

In this course, you will be learning about

1     Computer network and full security

2     Types of topologies

3     The functionality of the computer network

4     Physical layer and its responsibilities

5     Types of cables in the computer network

6     Hubs, bridges, and repeaters in computer network

7     Various flow control protocols in data link layers

8     Error detection and correction

9     About pure aloha protocol and slotted aloha

10     IPv6 header format

11     Class A, B, and C IP addressing along with the examples

12     All about the classless addressing

13     The session layer, presentation layer and transport layer

14     About TCP and UDP

15     Firewalls

16     Important questions on network security and many more


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