Class 6th Geography – Video Tutorial

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Class 6th Geography -Video Tutorial 

We warmly welcome you to our online classes. I will be teaching you geography. If you have any problem dealing with the subject then all your problems are over now.

I will stick through and make sure that learning becomes easy and fun. I will make sure that you score good marks in your examinations and leave everyone amazed by your performance.


The course includes

In this course, you will be able to receive

-Video tutorials that will be available for you all the time so there are no time boundaries

-Questions along with answers

-Doubt clearing sessions

-Tips and tricks to learn easily

-MCQ tests



What will you learn?

In this course, you will be able to learn about

-Earth and the solar system

-The sun

-The planets

-The earth

-The moon

-Human-made satellites

-Asteroids and meteorites

-Important parallels of latitude

-Latitude and longitude

-Standard time

-NCERT solutions

-Different types of maps

-Directions and symbols in the map





-Physical division

-Climate, vegetation, and lifestyle of India

-Motions of the earth and many more.


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