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Class 6th, Civics-Video Tutorial

Every student needs to learn every subject with great concentration and also need to practice more. Though class 6 is not the time where students achieve the sincerity level to understand the importance of studying with concentration. But it is very important to learn every subject from the very beginning not only for good marks but because the syllabus is set in such a manner that lessons from the previous class are related to the next class. So, for learning the lessons of class 7 properly you need to learn the lessons of class 6 first.

Civics is one of the important subjects that one needs to understand the civilization system of a country or an area. To learn something properly you need to practice more according to some expert guidance.  We are here to give you that guide you will need to learn the subject Civics if you also want to learn it and secure good scores on exams then join our classes as soon as possible.


Course Includes 

1. We will give you a total of 65 classes in the form of videos which includes all chapters from your syllabus.

2. Concepts about important subtopics from each of the chapters.

3. You can watch the video classes at any time and from anywhere on a regular basis without any limitations.


What will you learn?

1     There are 65 video classes on every chapter from the syllabus.

2     There are classes on the important topics from every chapter.

3     NCERT solution of each and every chapter.


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