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Class 7th, Geography, Video  Tutorial

Many students who are not comfortable with the subjects of pure science, so they end up taking subjects of combined science for higher studies and geography is one of those subjects. Taking Geography as a subject for higher studies opens the path of many great career options. But for studying any subject on higher levels everyone should learn it from the basics to get the required depth in a subject.

Geography is one of the most interesting subjects that many students find easy but some of them also find it quite hard.  We are here to give you that guide you will need to learn the subject Geography that will be helpful to both those who find it and those who find it difficult if you also want to learn it and secure good scores on exams then join our classes as soon as possible.


Course Includes

1. We will give you a total of 93 classes in the form of videos which includes all chapters from your syllabus.

2. You can watch the video classes at any time and from anywhere on a regular basis without any limitations.


What will you learn?

1     There are 93 video classes on every chapter from the syllabus.

2     There are classes on the important topics from every chapter.

3     NCERT solution of each and every chapter.


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