Class 11th Geography - Video Tutorial

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Class 11th Geography - video tutorial

We warmly welcome you to our online courses. I am here to teach you geography and will also guide you throughout the course. I will teach you every chapter in small details and make sure that there is no doubt left.


Besides that, I will also provide you with important questions and answers and also notes that will help you to score excellent marks in the subject.


The course includes

In this course, you will be receiving

1     Online course study materials

2     Ebooks

3     Videos that will help you 24/7

4     Notes

5     Important questions along with the answers

6     Live sessions

7     Doubt clearing sessions


What will you learn?

In this course, you will be learning about

1     Location phenomenon related to India - India location

2     India size - India location

3     Neighboring countries of India

4     Structure and physiography

5     The peninsular block -structure and physiography

6     The Himalayas and the other peninsular mountains

7     Indo Ganga Brahmaputra plain

8     Physiography

9     About the mountains and the Himalayas

10     The islands

11     The drainage system

12     About climate

13     The seasons in India

14     Wildlife

15     Soil 

16     Disaster and the disaster management


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