Full Estimation And Costing or Quantity Survey in Civil Engineering

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Full Estimation and Costing or Quantity Survey in Civil Engineering

What is estimation and costing?

Estimation and costing generally refers to the techniques of calculating the different quantities and the expected expenditure that will be needed to complete a project. In the case of Civil Engineering, it is the estimated costing of an engineering project which is calculated before starting a project of constructing a structure.


Importance of estimation and costing in Civil Engineering?

It is very important because if in any case, the available funds are less than the estimated costing then the fund providers may think of any other way for completion of the project. If the estimation is not done correctly before starting the project may stop in between.


So, it's important to learn to do the estimation and costing as it's one of the initial stages of a construction project. If you want to learn the calculation process of estimation and costing then enroll yourself the sooner possible.


Course Includes

In this online course we will teach you the full process of estimation and costing or quantity survey through video classes. If you join this class you will be facilitated by many ways such as

1. There will be total of 21 videos on our website for you to learn the techniques of calculating the estimation and costing.

2. You can watch the videos at any time as they are available all the time on our website.


What will you learn?

1. About drawing reading, types of footing, columns, beams, slabs, staircase, etc.

2. Calculation of footing quantities, neck column quantities, tie beam quantities, plinth beam quantities, grade slab quantities, staircase quantities, etc.


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