Basics of Digital Marketing

5 Mock Tests
2 EBooks
18 Live Classes

Product Description

Course Description

Welcome to the world of digital marketing. Do you know that the most lucrative jobs available in this world are in the field of marketing? The answer is Digital Marketing.


As we all know, the 21st century is the era of technology and social media. Each and every one of us are using social media so this has become an efficient platform for advertising.


Digital marketing is one of the major sectors, having a huge amount of placement opportunities. So here I have designed this course according to the market need which will help to land a job very easily.


The course curriculum includes all of the topics in the most described yet easy manner that will be very easy and simple to understand for my students. The course topic that I will cover is described below.


Course Includes:

My course in digital Marketing includes 18 video classes and 2 EBooks. It is not the end it also consists of 5 mock tests.


The video course includes topics like-

1. Digital marketing course intro

2. Full WordPress

3. Google Web Analytics

4. Search Engine Optimization 1

5. Search Engine Optimization 2

6. Search Engine Optimization 3

7. Advertising intro 

8. Google ads

9. Facebook ads

10. Instagram ads

11. SMM Facebook 

12. Email marketing

13. Affiliate marketing      

14. Native ads 

15. Final video with bonus tips


Learning Outcomes

Based on the topics that I will be teaching the videos will be learned by my students. All of the courses are designed in a manner that will cover all of the essential details that is needed to be an expert digital marketing executive.

So it is advised to my students to watch the videos with all of their attention and to check out the EBook. And yes do not forget to give the mock tests, those are the most helpful features of my course.


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