Class 12th English Flamingo

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Class 12 English Flamingo

We warmly welcome you to our online courses of Class 12 English Flamingo. This subject is a very important part of CBSE English Examination. I will teach you this subject in the easiest way possible and will help you to score excellent marks in your examination.

I will also tell you about the important questions that can come in your question paper and will also explain all the chapters in an amazing way. I always prioritize and believe in a fun learning classes where you will not get bored and enjoy the course with full motivation and dedication.


The course includes

In this course, you will be receiving

1      interactive video lessons

2     Online course study materials

3     Detailing of each and every chapters

4     Sessions where questions will be given that can come in your examination

5     Doubt clearing sessions

6     Quiz and mock tests

7     Previous years solved paper

8     Ebooks

9     The videos are available 24/7 so there are no time boundaries to learn from the classes.



What will you learn?

In this course, I will help you to learn about

1     Writing skills

2     Long reading skills

3     Read comprehension and solve them

4     Focus on more Grammar

5     Work on English language and literature skills.


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