NIELIT 2020: Operating System | A Course for Scientist -'B' & Technical Assistant -'A' Posts

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NIELIT 2020: Operating System | A Course for Scientist - 'B' & Technical Assistant - 'A' Posts

NIELIT aka National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology exam is held every year being conducted by the institute. This is an eligibility test for the courses of Scientists B and Technical Assistant A posts.


For appearing in the examination you need to be a Pass in M.Sc., MS, MCA, B.E., B. Tech in any of the one. As this exam requires a higher educational degree, cracking this exam will be quite difficult. So, you need to work hard on all the subjects from the syllabus.


In order to pass the exam you need to perform equally well in all the subjects.  The operating system is an important subject from the syllabus of NIELIT.  If you want to get good marks in the operating system, enroll yourself to join our course as soon as possible.


Course Includes:

This online course will give you many video classes covering different topics of Operating Systems from the syllabus of NIELIT.

1. There are a total of 18 classes in the form of videos and you will also get a total of 17 ebooks.

2. You can watch the videos any time as they are available all the time on our website.

3. Full coverage of NIELIT operating system syllabus.

4. Daily practice questions along with guidance and planning.


What will you learn?

1. Introduction to the operating system- process and threads.

2. CPU Scheduling in Operating System, deadlock in Operating System.

3. File system introduction, file operation, and dictionary.

4. System call and file allocation, memory management, disk scheduling etc.

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