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Ethical Hacking in Hindi Course Description

Hacking becomes a worldwide phenomenon that is fast-tracking. Hackers are the technically sound people who steal sensitive data by controlling the network by manipulating data.

Yet all hackers are not malicious. Some of them try to protect the data by fighting against cyber criminals. The job of an ethical hacker is to hack a system with prior permission to find out the vulnerabilities so he/she can fix the problem before a "Black Hat Hacker" with malicious intent.


Nowadays we are having problems due to cyber insecurity.  So we need ethical hackers to protect us from malicious hacking. Because we are becoming more advanced and digitally sound. Here I am providing a course on Ethical Hacking.


Course Includes

1. Here you will be provided 30 classes on ethical hacking where you can learn everything about ethical hacking.

2. You will be provided with the software to install Ubuntu on virtual box

3. We care for your precious time so we have launched our mobile application where you can log in to any time you want.

4. You will be provided with career opportunities for ethical hacking in 2020.

5. The language of your trainer will be in Hindi. So you will have no problems in understanding.


What You Will Learn

1. Explain hacking elaborately

2. Explain types of hacking and the tools. Explain also the types of hackers

3. Explain footprinting and its types

4. About the tools related to footprinting

5. Explain the TELNET and SSH protocol

6. Explain the DDOS attack

7. Explain the black hole and the mysterious internet world

8. Explain to track spam email and IP addresses.

9. Explain about backdoor

10. Explain proxy and its uses and benefits

11. Explain Enumeration and how to use it


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