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Networking for Cisco CCNA 200-301

Course Description

We can not live our daily life without internet surfing. So without the internet, we are lifeless. There are huge advantages of a network like we can store our personal data on a central node, there is a negligible range of abilities to connect a modern network, through the network we can solve our problems faster. So it is sure that the studies of networking are very demanding nowadays. You should know that network engineers are one of the highest-paid salaried people. So today I shall be sharing with you our course of Cisco CCNA 200-301. I'll be teaching you advanced networking concepts from scratch. Here you can learn about network fundamentals, network access, IP Connectivity, IP services, network security fundamentals, etc.

Course Includes

1     Here we are providing 57 classes where you can get the Cisco Firewall full course.

2     Here you will be having project and exam preparation guidance.

3     You can use Cisco packet Tracer professionally

4     The students will be having lots of ebooks, networking tools, and essential software.

5     You will be having the doubt clearing classes every weekend where you can directly ask your trainer about your doubts.

6      You can sit for exams to track your progress and can attempt quizzes also

7     Now you can log in at any time through your mobile as we have launched our mobile application. The practical will be taught in real-time servers so you can access those video classes at any time from anywhere.

What Will You Learn

1     Types of Routers. Explain the Routing, its types, and the methods of configuration.

2     About the components and ports of Cisco Routers and the configuration of Cisco routers

3     About the configuration of Router IOS backup on TFTP Server

4     About the switches of the Cisco router(Level 2 and Level 3 Switches)

5     AS clear idea about access points and Cisco access points. The configuration of the access points.

6     Explain the Syslog Server and the configuration of SNMP-V3. You will also learn about SNMP version types.

7     Explain Security Fundamentals and local security authentication.


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