Class 8th History - Video Tutorials in Hindi

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Class 8 history - video tutorials in Hindi

We warmly welcome you to our online courses. History is a subject that every school has and it is also very important for all the students and the upcoming generation to learn about. I will teach you the history of class 8 through my online classes.


I will focus on every chapter present in the syllabus and will focus on every single detail and make sure that you learn everything about it and score excellent marks in your examination.


The course includes

In this course, you will be receiving

1. Online course study materials

2. Video tutorials that are available 24/7 and in Hindi

3. Ebooks

4. Important questions and notes

5. Mock tests and quizzes

6. Live sessions

7. Doubt clearing sessions

8. Also, Digraj Sir will be taking life session


What will you learn?

In this course, you will be learning about

1. About all the dates present in history and how to learn them and the events that happened on those dates.

2. How to periodize

3. About colonial

4. Newspaper pattern

5. All about trade to territory

6. East India Company

7. Battle of Buxar and Plassey

8. About the Maratha empire

9. The doctrine of lapse

10. The Munro system

11. About the British turning to India

12. The blue rebellion

13. The aftermath

14. Aligarh movement and many more.


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