Learn JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

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Learn JDBC ( Java Database Connectivity)

We warmly welcome you to the world of Java Database Connectivity. I will show you how you can do wonders and know everything about this interesting subject.  I will teach you everything using the bestest tricks and make it easy for you to learn and apply them in the examination. I always prioritize in making the subject or the course interesting by all means so that the students can have fun learning classes.

I will teach you the quickest and the easiest methods by which you can score excellent marks in your results.


Course includes

I will teach you and provide you with amazing ways which will help you to learn easily. The Java Database Connectivity course includes online lessons, video lessons, ebooks, free online study materials, quiz sessions doubt clearing sessions, mock tests along with flexible timings.


What will you learn?

 In this course, you will learn to

1    Connect to a MySQL Database with Java

2     Learn to submit SQL statements

3     Insert, delete and update data

4     You will also learn to handle the SQL parameters and other types of parameters with prepared statements

5     Read and also write BLOB and CLOB data files

6     Learn to configure the database connection


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