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Course description.

Hum jiss desh mein rehte hain us desh mein nagarikshastra ka kaafi had tak charcha hai evang yeh behad rup se humare desh ki sanskriti ka samman karne mein safal hoti hai. Nagarikshastra ki zarurat hum sabhi desh vasiyo ko kisi na kisi rup se hai.


So, here we are welcoming all of you to the world of civics. Civics is a subject which would implant patriotism within you and will strengthen your base knowledge about world history, it's culture, it's aspects and several other factors.


Studying it would enhance your knowledge about the sociological, political as well as the economic condition of our country. It is important to explore more about the details of our own country and it's administrative systems and facilities.


We have joined hands to give you the ultimate knowledge about civics and social studies under the comfort of home. We have a handful of attractive characteristics and you will really enjoy doing the classes since they are highly interactive and considerate.


Course includes. 

We have extremely smart features and the candidate will enjoy learning civics and building up his or her career. This course will serve the best learning arrangements. It includes the following features:-

1     A1 quality audio and video facilities including modules.

2     Interactive sessions and questionnaires.

3     Ebooks, study materials, and smartboard provisions. PDFs as well.

4     Descriptive study on the topic.

5     Personal problems Will be entertained and solved.


What did you learn?

1. You will learn about different MCQs and broad questions.

2. Personal problems will be taken care of and you will have a hold on the study material.

3. Illustration of chapters with revision.


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