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Data Structure in Hindi


Course Description

If you want to be a good coder then you should understand the concept behind the Data Structure. To make a process easier to follow we need Data Structures which are a defined and orderly set of data.


You need to know the Data Structure to write logical statements like loop statements or If-Then-Else statements that require the correct code.


To write Other Statements like begin or end block statements, Flow Control Statements also you need to know Data Structure well. To develop the process of the program and to get the desired result from the program you need the help of Data Structure.


So to be a successful coder you can join our course "Data Structure in Hindi".


Course Includes

1. You will be given 53 classes to learn Data Structure.

2. The language in which the lecture will be delivered in Hindi.

3. We care for your time so we have launched our mobile application where you can log in according to your time to learn from the online video lessons.


What You Will Learn

1. Types of Data Structure and the operations on Data Structure

2. An introduction to the Linked List and its representation in memory in Data Structure

3. Traversing and searching a Linked List in Data Structure

4. The process to insert a node at the beginning, at the end and after giving a node of Linked List in Data Structure

5. The process to delete a Node from Linked List in Data Structure

6. The differences between the Singly Linked List and Doubly Linked List in Data Structure

7. Stack and its application and the Push and Pop Operations in Stack in Data Structure

8. The concepts of Graph, Binary Tree, Queue, Heap in Data Structure


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