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Networking Course

Course Description

Welcome to the world of networking. I shall guide you to know about it more. Do you know the most lucrative jobs that you can get are maximum based on networking? Networks are all around the world and you are now using the one to read this description of the course. Can you imagine your life without Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or YouTube? Without accessing these websites you will be lifeless. So in this modern world, we can't live without the internet.

So today it is one of the most promising careers. This course will teach you from the very beginning level and later you will be going to the advanced level. It will not only teach you to know more about routers, switches, and heavy servers but also teach you to manage a complex centralized database through cloud computing. I'll be teaching you advanced networking concepts from scratch.

Course Includes

You can have more than an online networking course.

1     It is a 300 hours course duration where you will be having the basic configuration of routers and switches.

2     The students will be having dozens of ebooks, networking tools, essential software, video classes on networking. Every weekend you will be having doubt clearing classes where you can directly ask your trainer about your doubts, you will get questions as quizzes which will not only be interesting but also will be enhancing the study.

3     You can log in to your account at any time. The practical sessions will be taught in real-time servers which you can access from any time anywhere.

4     You can have your course even from your mobile. As we have launched our mobile application to make you comfortable as we care about your busy work schedule.

what will you learn?

1     Network fundamentals and build-up simple LANs

2     Explain IP addressing and subnetting

3     Describe hub, switches, routers

4     Explain OSI and TCP/IP models

5     Explain how addresses are allocated through DHCP

6     Explain name resolution by using DNS

7     Explain Access Control Lists(ACLs)

8     To protect the network from hackings like Kali Linux hacks


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