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2nd Standard Maths

I'll open the world of Mathematics for you where you'll learn the very first lessons of mathematics. The 2nd standard mathematics course will be the foundation of your childhood mathematics. It will give you a profound base of the subject where you'll explore new theories and understanding of the subject.


The first lessons of life are very important for anyone and the base needs to be very strong. Through my online mathematics courses, I keep everything in mind and teach you the theories with practical examples of how to solve mathematics problems very easily.


There are certain tricks and tips you need to remember while learning a subject. I'll teach you all those proven formulas with very easy explanations.


Course includes

This online mathematics course includes a plethora of features such as

1. EBooks

2. Colorful mathematics puzzle books that the kids love

3. Animated mathematical videos that attract the kids

4. Rhymes on maths so that kids will remember those for the entire lifetime

5. A lot of online video lessons on maths


What will you learn?

The kids will learn the following.

1. How to handle a mathematical problem

2. How to think about a mathematical problem

3. How to remember mathematical concepts easily

4. How to implement real-life incidents in a mathematical problem

5. How to solve a 2nd standard mathematical problem in simple easy steps


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