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Class 7th Maths

Welcome to the world of Mathematics where I'll show you how you can do wonders with this beautiful subject. There are so many tricks you can use in Maths that are unknown to many students. I'll teach you through this online course how you can remember long formulas very easily and then apply them in the examinations.


The methods that I'll explain can be applied in your exams and you can score well.


The Course Includes

The online math training will include the following.

1. Online mathematics lessons

2. Video lessons

3. DVDs

4. Free online study materials

5. Free mathematics formula EBook.

6. Flexible timings

7. 200 hours full-packed powerful course on mathematics

8. Free webinars on mathematics

9. Plenty of practice sheets

10. Exam papers

11. Mock test with answers


What will you learn?

1. From basic to advanced concepts of 7th standard mathematics subject

2. Algebra, arithmetic, trigonometry concepts with real-life examples

3. All the important formulas of 7th and 8th standard mathematics


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