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Short Course- Learn 'C' Programming Language

Course Description

Is it your dream to be a coder? Then you have come to the right place. C language is one of the most popular languages through which the coders write programs.


C is a Middle-Level language so using this language you can write for both the Operating Systems and for the Application Level Programming.


You will be helped by C language to know and understand the fundamentals of Computer Theories like Compiler Designing, Computer Networks and Computer Architecture.


C is also having fewer libraries than other High-Level languages. The programs which are written in C language are compiled and executed faster than other coding languages.


C is also used in Embedded Programming. So it will be better for you to learn this C language first to have strong knowledge of coding.


Course Includes

1. You will get 57 online video classes to know and learn C language.

2. We have launched our mobile application through which you can log in to any time you want to watch our online video lessons.

What You Will Learn

1. A short introduction to the computer language 'C'

2. How to install the CodeBlocks and the first 'C' program in CodeBlocks

3. The structure of a C program

4. The basic syntax of a C program

5. The Data Types in C language and "Char", "Int" and "Float", "Void" Data type of C language.

6. Functions like scanf(), printf(), getchar(), putchar(), gets(), puts(), fopen(), fclose(), fgetc(), fputc(), fgets(), fputs(), fscanf(), fprintf() will be taught.

7. The Constants and Literals in C language

8. The Functions of the C language

9. The Storage Classes in C language will be explained. Auto Storage Class, Register Storage Class, Extern Storage Class and also the Static Storage Class will be explained.

10. Various Operators like Logical, Bitwise, Assignment, Size of, and Ternary Operators will be explained by our trainer.

11. The compilation process of the C program.


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