BA Hons. Political Science 2nd Year Combo Course

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BA Hons. Political Science 2nd Year Combo Course

Political Science is a very interesting subject to study. Though it is not studied by many, some students still study this subject going against the flow. Studying political science provides you knowledge about the government and legal processes of the country. It helps in understanding politics, which is operating the citizens of the country.

In the first year of joining college, most of the students spend their time having fun and not giving enough time to studies. But after the realization, they start studying seriously from the second. This is when they need some expert guidance to secure good grades in graduation. We will provide you with the guidance you are seeking.


If you want to get good marks on your graduation, join our classes without wasting another minute.

Course Description:

There are many video classes along with pdf in this online course covering the syllabus of 2nd-year political science Hons.

  1. You will get live classes on every topic in your syllabus.
  1. Along with every class you will be provided class notes and pdf of every topic.
  1. You can watch the class videos at any time and get the notes.


What will you learn?

  1. Detailed knowledge covering every topic from the syllabus.
  1. Pdf of every chapter and class notes in the form of pdf.

  1. In this combined course you will not only learn political science but also get lessons on the pass-course subjects that you study in combination with political science.


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3 Standard all subject

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