Combo Dear Sir Maths and English Concept Clearing Course

Starts: 04-Sep-2020
Validity: Lifetime

Product Description

Math and English Combo Concept Course

The students always tend to fear Mathematics and English the most. Because of this fear they fail to understand the simple concept of math and English grammar. But learning these subjects is very important for students to get good marks, and for everyone to need these subjects in their daily lives as well.


Why are Learning in Mathematics and English important?

Math is important to make life well arranged and for preventing unwanted confusion. And English is important for communication i.e. you need the language to communicate both verbally and written, whether at work or in your personal life.

So, if you are aware of the importance of learning mathematics and English and want to sharpen your skills in both the subjects, feel free to contact us. We will help you learn English and math and clear your concepts.


Course Includes

Math course includes

1. Best concept clearing course All chapters.

2. Full Concept of every chapter.

3. Short Trick to Save Time.

4. Different ways to solve a question.

5. Applicable For all Exams.

6. Doubt clearing Sessions.

7. Pdf of Every Chapter.


English course includes

1. Best Concept Clearing Course.

2. Learn How to Speak Correctly.

3. Built English Grammar to Boost Confidence.

4. Different ways to say the same thing.

5. Applicable For all Exams.

6. Improve spoken Skills Doubt clearing Sessions.


What will you learn?

1     Full concept of math and English chapter wise.

2     A huge number of stock of words pf English.

3     Concepts of English grammar.

4     Problem-solving methods.

5     Tricks and tips to save time and solve it correctly.

6     Speaking in English properly.


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2 Standard all subject

Course Highlights

Become a Master in the calculation and Fluent in Spoken with this combo Course. Enjoy Lifetime free access with Dear Sir.

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