NEW NIELIT 2020: A Course for Scientist -'B' & Technical Assistant -'A' Posts (Batch -2) By Varun Sir

Starts: 12-Jul-2020
Timing:Morning and Evening

Product Description

NEW NIELIT 2020: A Course for Scientist -'B' & Technical Assistant -'A' Posts


Course Description

Are you preparing for the NIELIT exam? Then you have come to the right place. This course will entirely cover 8 subjects and those are Reasoning and Aptitude, Web Technology, Operating System, Database Management, Digital Electronics, Mathematics, C Programming, and Computer Network. The entire syllabus of this course will cover both the posts of "Scientist B" and "Technical Assistant A" and the syllabus will be completed in 75days. Our most eligible faculties will conduct your class who have already achieved their goals and succeed in their lives.


Course Includes

1. You will get both the Generic and Technical part

2. You will be provided with Daily recorded class.

3. You will be offered a daily live class for question explanation

4. You will get daily questions to practice

5. You will be provided with the sets of questions to give tests.

6. You will get Ebooks of all the subjects. You will also be provided with the pdfs and notes of what you learn in the live classes.

7. The trainer will give you proper guidance to be trained in an efficient way and proper planning to reach your goal.

8. You will not only be provided with the recorded video classes but also you will be giving live classes where you can directly ask the trainer about your doubts.


What You Will Learn

Reasoning and Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude

1. Explain the complete chapters of "Average"

2. Explain the chapters of "Pipe and Cistern"

3. Explain the chapters of "Time and Work"

4. Explain the chapters of "Problems on Ages"

5. Explain the chapters of "Percentage"

6. Explain the chapter of "Profit and Loss"



1. Explain the chapter of "Ranking"

2. Explain the chapter of "Blood Relation"

3. Explain the chapter of Calendar

4. Explain the "sitting arrangement" for both the linear and circular

5. Explain the chapter of "Direction"


Web Technology

1. Explain the complete chapters of "HTML" that include the basics, making of tables, forms tags, Frames, new elements of HTML5 (iframe, audio, video, footer) and so on

2. Explain the complete chapters of CSS that include the basics, the process of insertion of CSS, Rules of CSS, 3 ways to write in CSS3, various properties of CSS3 like text, border, background, list, etc.


Operating System

1. Explain the definition of OS with the Process and Threads

2. Explain the concept of "CPU Scheduling" in OS

3. Explain the topic and important questions of "Process Synchronization" in OS

4. Explain the whole topic of "Semaphores" with the wait, Signal Operation, and Counting.

5. Explain the whole topic of "Deadlock" in OS

6. Explain the introduction of "File System", “File Operation" and "Directory" in OS.

7. Explain the topics of "Disk Scheduling" and "Memory Management"


Database Management

1. Explain all the important topics regarding DBMS with the introduction, the concept of all keys in the database, and "Integrity Constraints"

2. Explain the concepts and important questions of "ER Model"

3. Explain all the important questions and concept of "Normalization" and "Functional Dependency"

4. Explain the concepts behind the "B-Tree" and "B+Tree"

5. Explain the concept and important questions of "Relational Algebra"

6. Explain the application of SQL in DBMS

7. Explain the topic of Transaction Control and Concurrency

8. Explain the topic "Indexing" elaborately


Digital Electronics

1. Explain the K-MAP variables

2. Explain the whole topics of "Counters" and "Shift Registers"

3. Explain the "combinational" and "Sequential Circuits" elaborately

4. Explain the "Number System"



1. Explain the complete chapter of "Probability" and Statistics Analysis"

2. Explain the complete chapters of "Permutation and Combination."

3. Explain the chapters of "Mean, Median and Mode"


C Programming

1. Explain the basics of C programming

2. The definition of Variables and Operators

3. Explain the Flow Control Statements

4. Explain the Functions of "C" language


Computer Network

1. Explain the topics of "OSI Models" and "Layers"

2. Explain the topics of the "Tropologies" and "Network Devices" like repeater, hub, switches, routers, and gateway

3. Explain the whole topic of "Data Link Layer"

4. Explain the chapter of Network Security

17 Standard all subject

Course Highlights

Prepare for NIELIT exam with top faculties who have already achieved their goals. All subjects are covered with in-depth explanation & E-Books. Start your preparation now.

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